Fun Things to Do in Lawrence, Kansas

Cartoon Style Framed Picture of Various Pubs of Lawrence, KansasHave you ever been to Lawrence, Kansas? It’s home to the University of Kansas as well as Massachusetts Street, one of the most beautiful main streets in the Midwest, and, perhaps, America. Lawrence is a true “college town,” bustling with students when school is in session.

Go for a Stroll

So, if you do come for a visit, you should definitely take a stroll down “Mass Street” (Massachusetts Street), which appeals to both students and non-students alike. You’ll find pubs, coffee shops, restaurants, shops, etc. (Check out this “Pubs of Lawrence” framed artwork for sale)

Wander in and out of various places where you might find eco-conscious soaps, handmade wax candles, or craft sodas, as well as Lawrence souvenirs.

Check Out Kansas University

Besides Mass Street, another good walk involves a visit to the University of Kansas (KU) campus, about a 5 minute drive from downtown Lawrence. It’s a 1,000+ acre campus where you can see various buildings such as the KU Visitor Center, Allen Fieldhouse, and the Booth Family Hall of Athletics. If you’ve got some time, go inside the Booth Family Hall of Athletics to admire the many display cases showcasing KU memorabilia, photos and hanging displays, as well as the 2008 Orange Bowl Championship trophy in football. See this link for more info.

Nature and History

Are you a nature lover? Want to go hiking near Lawrence? Head to Clinton State Park, about 15 minutes west of downtown. The park’s also good for mountain biking and fishing.

Are you a history buff? Visit the Watkins Museum of History. Admission is free, with details here.

Kansas Memorabilia Shop

And why not visit Framewoods Gallery to see some cool KU memorabilia for sale? Located at 819 Massachusetts Street, you can drop in while walking up and down “Mass Street” when the gallery is open, Mondays thru Saturdays.