Signs a Memorabilia Dealer is Selling Fake Autographs

Sometimes memorabilia dealers sell fake autographs! Is that terrible? Yes, it is! We don’t like it, and we don’t do it. But in this crazy world we live in where many people are money-hungry, fake autographs exist. Ideally, you don’t pay for something that’s not authentic, right? What are some signs a memorabilia dealer is… Read more »

Honor Kansas Basketball History With a James Naismith Bronze Maquette

One of the most unique items Framewoods Gallery sells is the James Naismith Bronze Maquette. It’s a 12-inch tall bronze replica of James Naismith’s statue located at the Allen Fieldhouse on the campus of the University of Kansas in Lawrence. By the way, if you’re not familiar with the word “maquette,” it’s defined as a… Read more »

The Benefits of Having Your Diploma Professionally Framed

Picture this: you work hard and long to earn your diploma. It’s sitting on the breakfast table. You’re eating breakfast. A splotch of grape jelly from your toast ends up on your diploma. Can you say “awkward?” Do you bother to get a replacement? That’s probably not that easy to do! When you get a… Read more »

Why Frank Mason is a Beloved Kansas Jayhawk Basketball Player

Many players come through a college basketball program, but few have the impact and charisma to leave an indelible mark that turns them into legends. While Kansas basketball has had the good fortune of having myriad talented players come through the doors, it’s not always the most skilled ones who leave the biggest mark. Once… Read more »

What You Should Know About The Allen Fieldhouse

For over 60 years, the University of Kansas Jayhawks have played at the Allen Fieldhouse in Lawrence, Kansas. The hallowed venue has become one of college basketball’s most historically significant and prestigious buildings. It has hosted more than three dozen NCAA tournament games over the years. More Than Just a Basketball Venue Besides sports, the… Read more »

The Benefits of Professional Framing Services

So many people save important documents, but you know where most of them end up? Most documents get put away in a drawer somewhere, rarely to be looked at… for years. What about college degrees? Or certificates for completing certain courses for work? How about family photos that are just gathering dust somewhere no one… Read more »

A Look at the History of the Kansas Jayhawk

When people visit Kansas, they’re sometimes surprised to see that there aren’t actually Jayhawks flying around everywhere. There is a good reason for that: Jayhawks are mythical birds, not real ones. Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean that the Kansas Jayhawk hasn’t played an important role in the state over the years. The bird, which is the… Read more »

How to Preserve an Autograph

3 Tips to Preserving an Autograph: Avoid Excessive Handling After purchasing your autograph, you’ll never want to let go of it. Although it may be tempting, avoid touching the signature. Too much contact with the signature puts you at risk of smudging and potentially ruining it. You should avoid touching it altogether because the oils… Read more »

How Can You Tell if Sports Memorabilia is Real or Fake?

Sports memorabilia collecting hasn’t been around that long… the first collectibles were from the early 20th century when baseball fans would collect balls from the games they’d attend. Fans would then seek out players, asking them to autograph the baseballs. In the 1980s, the four major professional leagues in the U.S. started selling jerseys in… Read more »

Tips for Decorating a Kansas-Themed Man Cave

Married men often like to claim one room in the house as their exclusive room– their “man cave.” They’ll tell you their wives pretty much decorate and take care of all the other rooms, including the bedroom, bathrooms and kitchen, while they need a place to call their own. It’s a good idea to have… Read more »