Fun Things to Do in Lawrence, Kansas

Have you ever been to Lawrence, Kansas? It’s home to the University of Kansas as well as Massachusetts Street, one of the most beautiful main streets in the Midwest, and, perhaps, America. Lawrence is a true “college town,” bustling with students when school is in session. Go for a Stroll So, if you do come… Read more »

Top Traditions at the University of Kansas

Framewoods Gallery is known in Lawrence, Kansas, for selling KU (The University of Kansas) memorabilia. What are some KU traditions? First, there’s the famous Jayhawk, the beloved mascot for KU teams. What is a Jayhawk? It’s a mythical bird that was born out of the struggles of early Kansas settlers. Back in the 1800s, pioneers… Read more »

Interesting Rat Pack Facts

Remember “The Rat Pack?” It was the name given to a group of actors/singers who hung out together as a group, most known for their shows at the Sands Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas where they showed off their swagger, camaraderie and antics to adoring crowds. The Rat Pack consisted of Frank Sinatra (who… Read more »

Tips for Keeping a Picture Frame Level

If you’re mildly OCD, and you visit a friend or family member’s house with crooked artwork and framed items, don’t you just want to move them into “the right position?” Or maybe at your own house you keep noticing your picture frames aren’t level, and that annoys you. It happens. What are some tips for… Read more »

What Are the Best Ways to Store Autographed Photos?

Back in the 1800s, people who loved to read books started to ask their favorite authors for their autographs. Then, photography was invented, and autographed photos became a thing! Today, autographed photos can fetch a lot of money. Some are highly collectible and worthy of protection, especially if they’re deemed to be worth thousands of… Read more »

The Early Beginnings of Kansas University

Framewoods Gallery is in Lawrence, Kansas. Lawrence is the sixth-largest city in Kansas, located in the northeastern part of the state, between the Kansas and Wakarusa Rivers. It’s a college town, primarily known for Kansas University and its top-notch sports teams. There are almost 100,000 people in Lawrence, Kansas, these days. Lawrence was founded as… Read more »

Where Did the Kansas Jayhawk Logo Come From?

Framewoods Gallery in Lawrence, Kansas, sells a lot of Kansas University Jayhawks memorabilia. Is there such a thing as a real bird named a jayhawk? No, it’s a mythical bird and it’s the mascot for the University of Kansas, so it’s pretty much the mythical bird of the state of Kansas at this point in… Read more »

The Incredible Career of Rosamond

In music, there are a few women known by just one name, like Cher or Beyonce. In the art world, there’s Rosamond. Born Christine Rosamond Presco, she’s best known simply as “Rosamond.” In the 1970s, Rosamond became a household name, known for selling millions of works featuring “negative space” and the predominance of women in… Read more »