The Early Beginnings of Kansas University

Framewoods Gallery is in Lawrence, Kansas. Lawrence is the sixth-largest city in Kansas, located in the northeastern part of the state, between the Kansas and Wakarusa Rivers. It’s a college town, primarily known for Kansas University and its top-notch sports teams. There are almost 100,000 people in Lawrence, Kansas, these days. Lawrence was founded as… Read more »

Where Did the Kansas Jayhawk Logo Come From?

Framewoods Gallery in Lawrence, Kansas, sells a lot of Kansas University Jayhawks memorabilia. Is there such a thing as a real bird named a jayhawk? No, it’s a mythical bird and it’s the mascot for the University of Kansas, so it’s pretty much the mythical bird of the state of Kansas at this point in… Read more »

The Incredible Career of Rosamond

In music, there are a few women known by just one name, like Cher or Beyonce. In the art world, there’s Rosamond. Born Christine Rosamond Presco, she’s best known simply as “Rosamond.” In the 1970s, Rosamond became a household name, known for selling millions of works featuring “negative space” and the predominance of women in… Read more »

A Look Back at Kansas Icon Gale Sayers

Do you recognize the name Gale Sayers? He’s a professional football player born in Wichita, Kansas, who advanced his career at the University of Kansas. Becoming known as “the Kansas Comet,” Sayers was a memorable player while at KU… as a freshman, in a scrimmage against the varsity players, he ran 75 yards for a… Read more »

Why John Brown is an Important Figure in Kansas History

Before the Civil War, John Brown was a leading figure in the abolitionist movement to put an end to slavery. Unlike others around him at the time, he wasn’t a pacifist. Instead, he believed aggressive action should be taken against slaveholders and the government officials who enabled them. At one time, he made the declaration… Read more »

Reasons to Become a KU Art Collector

At Framewoods Gallery, we have quite a few pieces of art featuring names like A. Lawrence, Andy Thomas, Brain McKelvey, Bud Jennings, Charlie Podrebarac, Danny Manning, and Elden Tefft, among others. Whether it’s a signed poster or bronze sculptures, it’s fun to look and see all the University of Kansas Jayhawks artistic memorabilia Framewoods Gallery… Read more »

Signs a Memorabilia Dealer is Selling Fake Autographs

Sometimes memorabilia dealers sell fake autographs! Is that terrible? Yes, it is! We don’t like it, and we don’t do it. But in this crazy world we live in where many people are money-hungry, fake autographs exist. Ideally, you don’t pay for something that’s not authentic, right? What are some signs a memorabilia dealer is… Read more »