Lance Leipold is Changing the Culture of Kansas Football

Framewoods Gallery in Lawrence, Kansas, is known for its KU memorabilia. The Kansas Jayhawks have many famous and infamous players, coaches, fans, etc. One person you should know about is head Kansas football coach Lance Leipold who turns 58-years-old this year. What makes Coach Leipold stand out from his peers? Well, he’s been named the… Read more »

Keep These Things in Mind When You Start a Memorabilia Collection

Are you looking for a hobby? One fun hobby is collecting memorabilia, whether it’s movie memorabilia, sports memorabilia, or whatever you find particularly interesting in life! What are some things to keep in mind when you start becoming a memorabilia collector? Find Your Niche For starters, decide what you’d like to collect. Maybe it’s red-colored… Read more »

Reasons to Apply to Kansas University

Kansas University, aka “KU,” is the flagship research university in the state of Kansas, and is especially known for its basketball team as well as many academic offerings. The main campus, located in Lawrence, Kansas, takes up about 860 wooded acres and is home to tens of thousands of students. Great Sports and Notable Alumni… Read more »

Bill Self: A Kansas University Legend

Kansas University is fortunate to have Bill Self as a head coach. Rather than bore you with statistics, here’s what you need to know: as head coach, he has had a winning record. And, he’s fairly young– in fact, in 2020, he became the second-youngest coach to claim 700 NCAA Division I victories, so that’s… Read more »

Fun Things to Do in Lawrence, Kansas

Have you ever been to Lawrence, Kansas? It’s home to the University of Kansas as well as Massachusetts Street, one of the most beautiful main streets in the Midwest, and, perhaps, America. Lawrence is a true “college town,” bustling with students when school is in session. Go for a Stroll So, if you do come… Read more »

Top Traditions at the University of Kansas

Framewoods Gallery is known in Lawrence, Kansas, for selling KU (The University of Kansas) memorabilia. What are some KU traditions? First, there’s the famous Jayhawk, the beloved mascot for KU teams. What is a Jayhawk? It’s a mythical bird that was born out of the struggles of early Kansas settlers. Back in the 1800s, pioneers… Read more »

Interesting Rat Pack Facts

Remember “The Rat Pack?” It was the name given to a group of actors/singers who hung out together as a group, most known for their shows at the Sands Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas where they showed off their swagger, camaraderie and antics to adoring crowds. The Rat Pack consisted of Frank Sinatra (who… Read more »