Interesting Facts About the University of Kansas

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What are ten interesting facts about the school, perhaps better known as Kansas University or KU for short?

10) The University of Kansas was founded way back in 1865. The actual date was March 21, 1865, but the school didn’t actually open until 1866.

9) Today the school has five campuses: Lawrence, Kansas City, Overland Park, Wichita and Salina. With some 28,447 students and 2,600 faculty, its strengthened by endowment assets of about $1.44 billion.

8) The only professional pharmacy and medical schools in the state of Kansas are at the University of Kansas. Furthermore, KU’s Cancer Center is the state’s only designated National Cancer Institute.

7) With over 370 degree programs, the school includes such degree topics as rural medicine, city management and social welfare.

6) Guess how many Rhodes Scholars the school has produced? If you said “27,” you got it! That’s more than all other Kansas schools combined.

5) The main campus, located in Lawrence, sits atop Mount Oread, better known as “The Hill.”

4) Great discoveries have been made by KU grads, including the discovery of vitamins A & D.

3) Remember Bob Dole, the U.S. Senator who ran for President in 1996 on the Republican ticket? KU is home to the Robert J. Dole Institute of Politics. Dole is one of KU’s most famous alumni.

2) The school’s sports teams, wearing crimson and royal blue, are called the Kansas Jayhawks.

1) Kansas has counted among its coaches Dr. James Naismith, the inventor of basketball.

Sports are an important part of life on the campus of KU. They also matter to the great people of Kansas who consistently support them, cheering them on at games. From figurines to footballs, and then some, Framewoods Gallery helps people celebrate KU’s rich academic and athletic programs. If you’d like to see what’s offered in terms of memorabilia, stop by 819 Massachusetts Street in Lawrence or call 800-399-5199