Reasons to Start Collecting Something Meaningful to You

People seem to love to collect things. From stones at the beach to Matchbox cars, cute little dolls to sports memorabilia, and of course pieces from their favorite artists, collectors collect all sorts of stuff and enjoy proudly displaying their collections for people to see.

So what are some reasons to start collecting things that mean something to you?

First, collecting is fun and a bit unpredictable. Wherever you go, whomever you meet, you never know whether or not they’re interested in the same thing(s) you are and if they have a similar collection or know someone who does. Furthermore, you might be halfway around the world, far from home, and you spot someone wearing, for instance, a Kansas University shirt. This shirt gives you a reason to say hello and you two end up becoming fast friends because of it!

Indeed, collecting helps people build their observational skills. You’ll be looking at things more closely, noticing stuff that others don’t. Collections also sharpen people’s organizational skills, as having a collection does take some organizing to keep track of it all. Collectors often look for patterns and this can be a valuable skill in other areas of life.

One of the nice things about collecting items is getting to know more about each item and/or the story behind each item in a collection. This broadens a person’s scope of knowledge on a subject and gives them tangible objects to talk about with others. Collectors often become experts about certain subjects, and it feels really good when someone seeks them out to ask for their expert knowledge on a subject such as Kansas University sports since they “have a collection.”

Creatively, what are some unique ways to display collections? From mantles, to special rooms, to safes to offices and other spaces, people tend to display their collections in a wide range of ways. Part of the joy of collecting items is showing them off to other people who can “ooh and aah” over them. Collections can help build friendships over common interests.

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