The Benefits of Custom Framing

When you have something like a football team’s poster you want to proudly display in your home or office you could either roll it up and leave it in a box somewhere or, better yet, have it framed. Sure, you could buy a cheap frame at Wal-Mart and frame the item yourself, but chances are it wouldn’t look as good or as professional as Framewoods Gallery could make it look.

You see, Framewoods Gallery does custom framing. This sort of framing is ideal for items that have specific dimensions (which may not properly fit standard sizes) as well as for items that have any sort of value to a person.

The Advantages of Custom Framing

With custom framing, the frame can be personalized in such a way that it fits a person’s surroundings and expresses their personality. For instance, say you have a man cave with Kansas University Jayhawks memorabilia in it. Wouldn’t it be cool to have a frame that matches the team colors or has Jayhawks logos on it? Definitely!

Custom framers take the time to carefully frame objects, artwork, posters and more. They care about quality and getting it to look its best. Custom framers pay attention to details such as the final size of the mat as well as the materials used to frame the item. Most store-bought frames use cheap plastic and cardboard– materials that aren’t high quality. Custom framers, on the other hand, use tools and techniques and materials that will not only make the item look good but last a long time looking good.

Custom framers can also frame items that are unusual in their size and scope, such as graduation caps or jewelry pieces. Framewoods Gallery often custom frames KU Jayhawks jerseys and pennants. Framewoods can also custom frame things like baptism dresses, antique family photos, movie posters, and artistic prints.

For over 40 years, Framewoods Gallery of Lawrence, KS, has become well known for professional sports memorabilia framing services. If you want to be proud of what’s displayed on your walls then you’ll want to employ the services of a professional framer. Call 1-800-399-5199 today to ask about custom framing options.