Tips for Decorating a Kansas-Themed Man Cave

Kansas Themed Mancave Married men often like to claim one room in the house as their exclusive room– their “man cave.” They’ll tell you their wives pretty much decorate and take care of all the other rooms, including the bedroom, bathrooms and kitchen, while they need a place to call their own.

It’s a good idea to have a man cave, which is a room set aside for a man’s personal interests. Whatever the wife says can’t go elsewhere can definitely end up in the man cave, including an Elvis clock, beer steins, a giant stuffed animal head (preferably with antlers), and/or pinball/arcade games. Even a beat-up old chair from college days works in a man cave, because Lord knows the wife doesn’t want it for all to see in her living room, right?

A man cave isn’t a shop where a man works. It’s, instead, a room for relaxing. So it might include a bar, a fridge, a couch, a pool table, a TV, etc.

Theme-wise, you could go “vintage,” and decorate the room with your old toys, posters, pennants, and stuff– stuff from your early years. Or you could go “thrifty,” and pick out furniture, posters and more at a local thrift shop. Hey, if quality matters, go ahead and shop at nice stores for things like a wooden coffee table or desk, a sturdy yet comfortable lounge chair, and whatever else you’re willing to spend money on. Think of it this way: whatever YOU like, you can have in this room. It doesn’t matter if your wife doesn’t love it!

If a man’s house is his castle, then his man cave is like the throne room. It should be the kind of place where you feel perfectly comfortable and at ease. The room should “fit you” like a perfect glove. If you love, say, Kansas sports teams, then decorate the room with all sorts of sports memorabilia. If you’re a huge Kansas Jayhawks diehard for example, you can get plenty of Kansas University stuff from Framewoods Gallery in Lawrence, including collectible artwork, posters, prints and sculptures.

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