After You Graduate From Kansas, Don’t Forget the Diploma Frame

Collectible University of Kansas DiplomaDo you know how much work goes into getting a diploma? If you’ve ever studied long and hard, taken exams, written papers and had to defend a thesis or two, you know that a diploma is earned! It’s a proud accomplishment and one that should be framed.

Show Off Your Hard Work With a Professionally Framed Photo

Why have your diploma professionally framed? Doing so should keep it from getting torn or damaged. And it will also help showcase its beauty, suitable for hanging on the wall in your home or office.

You should want to protect your diploma from folds, creases and damaged edges. Storing it in a tube isn’t ideal. And putting it into a folder isn’t the best idea, either. A frame, however, is sturdy, durable and helps the diploma stay protected from damages. Meanwhile, frames utilize UV-resistant glass, which means your diploma won’t fade or become discolored. It also keeps dust and dirt from getting on your diploma.

Frames help showcase your achievements in life, and a diploma is a big deal! You should have your framed diploma displayed for all to see– and frames can help diplomas look their absolute best. Whether you want a sleek and modern frame, or a more decorative and elegant frame, the choice is yours.

Framewoods Gallery of Lawrence, Kansas, has framed many University of Kansas diplomas. How about yours? Want to get your diploma framed, too? Whether you earned a bachelor’s degree, master’s or doctorate, or even a high school or elementary school diploma, no matter what you should frame it to preserve it for years to come. You’re welcome to call Framewoods Gallery at 1-800-399-5199 for more info, or stop by the shop at 819 Massachusetts St. in Lawrence to see available frame options. Those who’d like to frame their diploma complete with a KU skyline picture above their diploma will certainly like Framewoods’ offerings. You can visit this page to see KU-specific frames.