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Can Improper Framing Damage Artwork?

What’s the point of framing something such as artwork? Well, you want it to look nice, right? But you also want it to last a very long time, in pristine condition. If, however, your artwork gets improperly framed, you could expect it to experience some unwanted damages. How Improperly Framed Artwork Can Be Damaged What… Read more »

Custom Frames Are Much Different Than Mass Produced Ones

If you’re like most people, you go to a store like Walmart and look over various frames. You choose one that hopefully fulfills your needs. You get the mass-produced frame home, only to find it’s not exactly the appropriate size for what you wanted. Or maybe the quality isn’t as good as you hoped it… Read more »

Tips for Keeping a Picture Frame Level

If you’re mildly OCD, and you visit a friend or family member’s house with crooked artwork and framed items, don’t you just want to move them into “the right position?” Or maybe at your own house you keep noticing your picture frames aren’t level, and that annoys you. It happens. What are some tips for… Read more »

What Are the Best Ways to Store Autographed Photos?

Back in the 1800s, people who loved to read books started to ask their favorite authors for their autographs. Then, photography was invented, and autographed photos became a thing! Today, autographed photos can fetch a lot of money. Some are highly collectible and worthy of protection, especially if they’re deemed to be worth thousands of… Read more »

Things to Consider When Framing Artwork or a New Photograph

woman hanging framed pictures

Are you thinking of framing a piece of art or a beloved photograph? What are some things to consider? Oftentimes, people keep framed artwork and photographs in their home for their entire lives. So, if you get something framed in 2021, you can expect it to stay in that frame for years and years to… Read more »

The Benefits of Having Your Diploma Professionally Framed

Picture this: you work hard and long to earn your diploma. It’s sitting on the breakfast table. You’re eating breakfast. A splotch of grape jelly from your toast ends up on your diploma. Can you say “awkward?” Do you bother to get a replacement? That’s probably not that easy to do! When you get a… Read more »

The Benefits of Professional Framing Services

Custom frame with KU Diploma in it

So many people save important documents, but you know where most of them end up? Most documents get put away in a drawer somewhere, rarely to be looked at… for years. What about college degrees? Or certificates for completing certain courses for work? How about family photos that are just gathering dust somewhere no one… Read more »