Can Improper Framing Damage Artwork?

woman hanging framed picturesWhat’s the point of framing something such as artwork? Well, you want it to look nice, right? But you also want it to last a very long time, in pristine condition. If, however, your artwork gets improperly framed, you could expect it to experience some unwanted damages.

How Improperly Framed Artwork Can Be Damaged

What are some things that damage artworks which aren’t properly framed? Acid, adhesive, moisture and UV light are just some of the things that could damage otherwise perfectly fine artworks.

Keep in mind that paper typically contains wood pulp, and in that pulp are some acidic compounds. If left unframed, paper could turn yellow and even become brittle. Meanwhile, if improperly framed, acid can be a problem if matting and/or mounting boards contain acid and the two don’t mix well… or excessive heat builds up in an improperly framed piece, thereby encouraging the acid to break down the paper. Yikes!

Some people use common masking tape or cellophane tape to help frame artwork, but did you know those can stain the work? Try removing those stains– good luck.

Moisture is the enemy of most art. You don’t want your expensive, hard-to-get artwork somehow framed in such a way that humidity causes the paper to get moldy– leading to possible disintegration.

And, finally, there’s the issue of sunlight on framed artwork. Sunlight involves UV light which can fade colors and the vibrancy of artwork if it’s not properly protected from such UV rays. You don’t want that to happen.

What you ideally want is to work with the kind of company that frames artwork properly and professionally such that it’ll look great and last indefinitely. Framewoods Gallery of Lawrence, Kansas– Go Jayhawks!– is known for quality framing practices, so when you have something artistically valuable that you want properly framed, call Framewoods. The number is 1-800-399-5199.