Custom Frames Are Much Different Than Mass Produced Ones

Custom frame with KU Diploma in itIf you’re like most people, you go to a store like Walmart and look over various frames. You choose one that hopefully fulfills your needs. You get the mass-produced frame home, only to find it’s not exactly the appropriate size for what you wanted. Or maybe the quality isn’t as good as you hoped it would be. You could return it to the store or just accept the imperfections.

Custom Framing Benefits

What about custom framing? That’s an option. While it may cost more than mass-produced frames, custom framing allows you to get exactly what you want in the way you want it. Custom framing can be especially appropriate for certain items, such as delicate linens, fine (expensive) artworks or original photographs that mean a lot to you.

Custom framers, like the folks at Framewoods Gallery in Lawrence, Kansas, have a lot of experience with making custom frames. The quality is top-notch, and the person doing the framing has taken the time to study all aspects of framing, from colors to proportions and designs to styles, such that he or she has the skills to assess what you want framed and then create the ideal protective and attractive frame for it.

Custom Frames Use Special Materials

Keep in mind that frame shops like Framewoods typically have lots of materials on hand to work with, including hard-to-find materials. They can also use specially-designed materials to protect your items from sun damage, moisture and dust. Custom frames typically offer a classy and elegant look, helping to enhance your home or office.

Mass-produced frames are usually made of cheap plastic with low-quality glass and a mat made from wood cellulose. Meanwhile, they often have cardboard backings. Are these things ideal when it comes to framing something that matters to you? Not really– you should at least investigate what a store focused on frames (and custom framing) offers to see how they compare.

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