Here’s Why Many Individuals Love to Collect College Memorabilia

Kansas Jayhawk statues Are you a collector? Do you collect certain things, like stamps, coins or vinyl records? What about college memorabilia? Did you save any of that, or are you actively looking to buy mementos of your college for sale at places like Framewoods Gallery (if you went to KU)?

KU Memorabilia is Fun to Collect

People like to collect things, and they often like to collect memorabilia associated with the college they attended. Why is this? Well, things have meaning to them. Certain items bring up good memories of a time and place where life was great! Items can have certain emotions associated with them– maybe a pennant reminds someone of a winning championship game when everyone experienced incredible joy… Or a piece of artwork showcases a certain building where a person spent a lot of time and made a lot of good memories, such as a classroom building or gymnasium.

People like to remember their earlier years, and collecting memorabilia helps them do that– it reconnects them to a different time and era. It connects them with the past while giving them pleasure and enjoyment. It can be fun to find things you haven’t seen in years or to discover an item that you didn’t even realize existed. Oftentimes, the more unusual or rare, the better.

Furthermore, some people collect college memorabilia because they think/know it will be worth money someday in the future, so they’re collecting as an investment. After all, people like to buy old things, sometimes for top dollar, so memorabilia can appreciate in value over time, and the more rare an item is, the more money it will likely fetch whether sold online, in person or at an auction.

Finally, collecting college memorabilia helps create “community.” Chances are you’re not the only person collecting, say, KU mementos. College is all about community, and many people stay connected to their college long after their last class there– the memorabilia helps them do that. It can be great to find other like-minded people who have certain items– which can then be bought, sold or traded.