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When Looking for a Gift for a KU Lover, Consider a Framewoods Gift Card

These days it seems like people have plenty of “stuff” in their homes. What do you get for someone who you don’t know too well or who already seems to have a lot of stuff? Maybe they have posters, pictures or prints that should be framed? Maybe they love Kansas University and collect memorabilia? What… Read more »

Here’s Why Many Individuals Love to Collect College Memorabilia

Are you a collector? Do you collect certain things, like stamps, coins or vinyl records? What about college memorabilia? Did you save any of that, or are you actively looking to buy mementos of your college for sale at places like Framewoods Gallery (if you went to KU)? KU Memorabilia is Fun to Collect People… Read more »

Lance Leipold is Changing the Culture of Kansas Football

Framewoods Gallery in Lawrence, Kansas, is known for its KU memorabilia. The Kansas Jayhawks have many famous and infamous players, coaches, fans, etc. One person you should know about is head Kansas football coach Lance Leipold who turns 58-years-old this year. What makes Coach Leipold stand out from his peers? Well, he’s been named the… Read more »

The Kansas Jayhawks Are Heading Back to the Final Four

Did you know the inventor of the game of basketball, James Naismith, was also the Jayhawks’ first coach way back in 1898? How cool is that? The Jayhawks are hot in 2022! Kansas coach Bill Self (in his 19th season) should be elated that his team has reached the Final Four. Kansas basketball is heading… Read more »

Keep These Things in Mind When You Start a Memorabilia Collection

Are you looking for a hobby? One fun hobby is collecting memorabilia, whether it’s movie memorabilia, sports memorabilia, or whatever you find particularly interesting in life! What are some things to keep in mind when you start becoming a memorabilia collector? Find Your Niche For starters, decide what you’d like to collect. Maybe it’s red-colored… Read more »

Bill Self: A Kansas University Legend

Kansas University is fortunate to have Bill Self as a head coach. Rather than bore you with statistics, here’s what you need to know: as head coach, he has had a winning record. And, he’s fairly young– in fact, in 2020, he became the second-youngest coach to claim 700 NCAA Division I victories, so that’s… Read more »

Tips for Purchasing Kansas Sports Memorabilia

Do you like collecting sports memorabilia? What are some tips for shopping for it? If you want to find items worth having and worth keeping, it can be a good challenge and adventure. Have you taken a look at what you already own and see a pattern? Ask yourself, “What do I love to buy?… Read more »

Could Danny Manning Be Coming Back to Kansas?

If you were around in 1988, you might remember Danny Manning. He led the Jayhawks to their 1988 NCAA title. Kansas scored a 83–79 victory over Oklahoma in the 1988 NCAA Final where Manning recorded 31 points, 18 rebounds, 5 steals, and 2 blocked shots. The 1988 Kansas team was nicknamed “Danny and the Miracles”… Read more »

A Look Back at Kansas Icon Gale Sayers

Black and White Gale Sayers Holding Football with Football Gear Without Helmet Signed Photo

Do you recognize the name Gale Sayers? He’s a professional football player born in Wichita, Kansas, who advanced his career at the University of Kansas. Becoming known as “the Kansas Comet,” Sayers was a memorable player while at KU… as a freshman, in a scrimmage against the varsity players, he ran 75 yards for a… Read more »

Signs a Memorabilia Dealer is Selling Fake Autographs

Sometimes memorabilia dealers sell fake autographs! Is that terrible? Yes, it is! We don’t like it, and we don’t do it. But in this crazy world we live in where many people are money-hungry, fake autographs exist. Ideally, you don’t pay for something that’s not authentic, right? What are some signs a memorabilia dealer is… Read more »