How to Preserve an Autograph

3 Tips to Preserving an Autograph:

How to Frame Your Autograph

Avoid Excessive Handling

After purchasing your autograph, you’ll never want to let go of it. Although it may be tempting, avoid touching the signature. Too much contact with the signature puts you at risk of smudging and potentially ruining it. You should avoid touching it altogether because the oils from your hands can cause serious damage that may be irreversible.

Keep Away from Natural Lighting

Natural lighting and ultraviolet rays increase ink fading. It’s essential to keep your signature in a place where there is minimal lighting. Any direct light can increase heat exposure, which can lead to your signature overheating and cause the ink to run. To be safe, keep your signature in the dark and cool spot to prolong its longevity.

Keep in a UV Protecting Glass Display

One of the best ways to protect your autograph is by framing it. Placing your autograph in a UV protective frame blocks the signature from ultraviolet rays that cause fading. Also, framing your signature makes it nearly impossible for damage to occur from any spills, smudges, or folding. If you’re in the Lawrence, KS area, Framewoods Gallery offers custom framing for your valuable pieces.

Very few if any collectibles hold more tangible and sentimental value than your autographed pieces. Since it’s easy for them to lose their original form, make sure that you are preserving your autograph as much as you can by taking these precautions. Framewoods Gallery offers high-quality custom framing services to keep your prized possessions safe and protected; contact us for more details.