Elden Tefft Bronzes

Call for Price

Quarter Scale Academic Hawk  1957,  Bronze Jayhawk back in stock today- $3000  Limited and rare. Similar to Bronze in front of Strong Hall,  13 1/2″ tall

1956 Sketch Hawk  $1400 available, 1996 Academic Hawk 3″ $320 available, 1970 Award Hawk 2″ $240 available, 2002 Spirit Hawk  $1000 available


There are many sculptures and statues featuring the Jayhawk from the University of Kansas, but this assortment by Elden Tefft is unique. From the 13.5″ bronze Jayhawk (similar to Bronze in front of Strong Hall on campus) to the 1956 Sketch Hawk to the 3″ 1996 Academic Hawk to the 1970 Award Hawk who stands 2″ high, they resemble each other with some differences. Once thing is for sure – they’re a stunning way to show your KU support!


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