The Benefits of Professional Framing Services

Custom Framing Services So many people save important documents, but you know where most of them end up? Most documents get put away in a drawer somewhere, rarely to be looked at… for years. What about college degrees? Or certificates for completing certain courses for work? How about family photos that are just gathering dust somewhere no one sees them?

Showcase Important Documents

It’s a smart idea to look through your things and figure out which items you’d like to have professionally framed. That way, you can hang them up on a wall for all to see, and/or have them framed in such a way that they can be displayed on a table, decorating your home or workspace. When you’ve got memorable items, it’s nice to have them framed so they can be preserved and enhanced!

Keep Documents in Pristine Shape

Framing helps keep art, mementos and important papers in good and safe condition. If you want to prevent fading, degrading or yellowing, then professional framing is a great idea. Frames help a person properly store and archive materials that they want to keep in pristine condition for long periods of time. They guard items from light and environmental hazards.

Focal Points for Rooms

If you want to draw attention to items, you should frame them in an eye-catching way. Professional frame consultants offer custom presentations to truly showcase your items in an admirable way. Frames can “match” the style of what’s being framed. Frames can help protect, present and enhance the beauty of whatever is being framed.

How Framewoods Gallery Can Help

Framewoods Gallery is proud to offer high-quality custom framing services at affordable prices. With a one-week turnaround time, you won’t have to wait long for professional frame services to be completed. If you’ve got University of Kansas Jayhawks memorabilia, Framewoods is definitely known for framing that stuff– pennants, posters, jerseys, photos, etc. Of course Framewoods can handle other items, too. Therefore, if you’re looking for framing, matting and glass to preserve items like antique family photos, artistic prints, movie posters, etc., Framewoods is your best local choice– we demand perfection in our craftsmanship!

Stop in and see what Framewoods Gallery can do– we’re at 819 Massachusetts St. in Lawrence, KS. Or call us at 785-842-4900.