Tips for Purchasing Kansas Sports Memorabilia

Wilt Chamberlain Kansas University Dunk Photograph While Being DefendedDo you like collecting sports memorabilia? What are some tips for shopping for it?

If you want to find items worth having and worth keeping, it can be a good challenge and adventure. Have you taken a look at what you already own and see a pattern? Ask yourself, “What do I love to buy? What do I love to collect?” Maybe it’s team pennants, or autographed baseball cards/posters? Focus on one or two specific things. And, better yet, focus on one or two specific teams (or athletes, sports, or type of item). For instance, if you love the University of Kansas, collect Jayhawks memorabilia, getting some from Framewoods Gallery in Lawrence, Kansas.

Figure out what your budget is for the year. What price range do you like? For example, some people allot $500 per year to buying sports memorabilia. This money can be used for purchasing items, as well as framing or displaying them.

Do research to help figure out where to find the kind of sports memorabilia you’re specifically looking for– maybe it’s at local antique malls, or flea markets? Perhaps there’s a store or two in town that carries what you want at a decent price? Or maybe an Internet search leads you to an eBay seller who has that hard-to-find item! Consult pricing guides to see what a “good price” is for the memorabilia you want to buy. Ask friends and fellow collectors if they spot any good deals for you, or know “where to go” to get what you want.

Online sports memorabilia forums, blogs and Facebook groups can help you connect with other collectors, as well as lead you to memorabilia sales where you might find something interesting to purchase.

Collecting sports memorabilia can become a fun hobby/obsession– enjoy it!

If you’re looking for authentic Kansas sports memorabilia, including autographed and artistic items, contact Framewoods Gallery today.